Abbas Defies US Vows to Continue Paying Salaries to Terrorists Instead of Opening Schools

by Avi Abelow

Abbas defies US pressure and vows to continue the pay-to-slay system of using foreign aid to pay salaries to Arab terrorists in Israeli jails.

UNRWA Schools

UNRWA claims that it does not have enough money to open up schools for the children in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. UNRWA is the international organization, funded by American and European taxpayer money, in charge of running the schools and humanitarian issues for the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The money UNRWA claims it does not have to open the schools can easily be paid by the Palestinian Authority budget from the money it uses to reward terrorists and their families. UNRWA is also heavily subsidized by international aid.

Yesterday the Palestinian Authority made clear to the world that if forced to choose, it will pay salaries to terrorists rather than pay for the education of its children.

Mahmoud Abbas announced on PA TV in the clearest of terms that while “Israel considers them (i.e., terrorist prisoners) criminals… Even if we need to cut from our flesh, we will continue to give the support and aid…These are our Martyrs, these are our wounded, and our prisoners. We will continue to pay them and we began this in 1965.”

He didn’t say a word about using money to open up the schools.

In the end, UNRWA just announced that it will open the schools anyway.

Taylor Force Act

The international community is the biggest contributor to the Palestinian Authority budget. The EU gives 650 million Euros a year. The UK gives 30 million pounds a year and the US gives $400 million of aid a year.

During the years 2013-2017 the Palestinian Authority paid out $1.4 billion in salaries to terrorists and their families!

US Congress finally said no to continuing this travesty of US aid being used to pay terrorists and their families, in essence directly supporting terror. Congress recently passed the Taylor Force Act to deduct US aid to the Palestinian Authority until they stop this pay-to-slay program. The Taylor Force Act was introduced to stop $300 million in American aid from funding the terrorist salary payments of the Palestinian Authority.

Yet, clearly, the Palestinian Authority officials are not  stopping.

PA Continuing to Reward Terrorists

The Fatah deputy chairman said that the terrorists in prison are “heroes and fighters.” We will pay them “even if we’re only left with a few pennies”

They view paying salaries to terrorists as their “moral obligation”.

“We’re proud of this, not ashamed of it, and we say this openly because it’s our national, human, and moral obligation, and the obligation of the struggle. It is supported by the Palestinian leadership and by the Palestinian government.”

Some of these important videos are provided by the services of Palestinian Media Watch.

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