The next time someone tries to tell you there is no Creator, show them this

by Chaya Cikk

Ever stop to admire the beautiful world we live in? The animals, the flowers, the fish, there is so much to take in. Ever think that there is a Creator behind it all?

Today we live in a world that is surrounded by technology. People are always looking at their cellphones, always rushing to work, checking emails. Consequently, the lives we lead are busy, we are always rushing somewhere, always doing something. Don’t you think it’s time we stopped? took a deep breath and enjoy the world around us?

The Creator

There are so many beautiful creatures around us. Such as the butterfly and the detailed design on its wings. Bees are amazing creatures, how they can smell pollen and nectar from meters away. A woodpecker, what that bird does would make my head hurt. But did you know they have a cushion by their brain that absorbs the force when they hit a tree?

Flowers are beautiful. The Creator made them in an amazing ray of colors. For those who have been lucky enough to see a flower bloom it is quite the sight. Flowers, also help our environment by providing us with oxygen. Amazing how something so small can help with something we are so dependent on.

There is no way man made the gorgeous, elegant animals or flowers. There is a creator behind it all. The Creator does amazing things to make the world work. The Creator makes it so that each animal has a job to do in this world, each flower has its place.

As a result of our busy lives, we may not appreciate what has been created for us in this world. All those beautiful things that surround us. We should take a break from our busy schedules and enjoy the world around us.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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