WATCH: Rand Paul Take Out Fauci Over COVID-19 Funding

by Gavriel Dan

In a world of lies and deceit, nothing has been more problematic than how Anthony Fauci and many others have handled their part in helping the Wuhan lab use “Gain of Function” research to inadvertently create COVID-19.

Fauci has repeatedly denied culpability in funding the Wuhan lab, but as evidence amounts that the NIH was involved in giving grants to the Wuhan virology lab, more and more of the public now sees Fauci’s statements as lies.

Senator Rand Paul has been the leading voice going after Anthony Fauci. In the exchange above, Senator Paul effectively blames Fauci for killing 4 million people around the world.

Fauci continues to deny involvement and instead accused Senator Paul of lying.

The facts appear to say otherwise.

Dr. Risch

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