Trump Grades President Biden and Predicts Virginia in Exclusive Interview

by Leah Rosenberg

Before the Virginia election, former President Trump thought that the Democrats would lose Virginia big. He was right. But more importantly, Trump knocked Joe Biden, and as usual, did not mince any words.

Trump needed to clarify the clear differences between his policies on Afghanistan and the Biden policy on Afghanistan. Trump doesn’t say a single positive thing about Biden. Trump also supported a withdrawal from Afghanistan, but he claims that the idea was to get out with dignity – not to run away and leave billions of dollars of weapons.

As time goes on since the Trump presidency, it is becoming more and more clear that Donald Trump’s foreign policies were actually quite effective – on North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and NATO. His controversial stance on China certainly raised eyebrows and brought China to the forefront. Whether or not he began a healthy trade war or an unnecessary confrontation will be debated and discussed for decades. But Trump proved many of his detractors wrong over and over again on foreign policy. He did not lose the election due to foreign policy moves. The votes he lost were largely due to the coronavirus mess.

Interestingly, the mid-term elections in 2022 will probably be more about gas prices, energy costs, and parents choosing whether or not to vaccinate their children. Interestingly, 2022 may bring a greater shift in Congress to the Republicans than the big election in 1994. Trump understands that people are angry, and Virginia showed that even if the middle of the roaders don’t want Donald Trump back in power – they would rather have policies that he supports dominating than the Democrat’s policies.

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