Watch What it’s Like to Run a Marathon on the Biblical Hills of Samaria

by Leah Rosenberg

You might have heard of the Biblical Hills in Samaria, but have you ever seen them? Have you ever run a marathon through them?

Running Through the Biblical Hills of Samaria

How can you not be inspired by this? By the Biblical Hills of Samaria? By a marathon that brings the Bible to life? By the idea that the ancient land that our forefathers walked on is the exact same land that we are walking on and cultivating? This Biblical race brought the ancestral hills of Samaria to life!

Here are some of the words that one of the runners, the man who made this video, had to say about this race:

“As I recover physically from the full marathon from Friday…the Bible Marathon in Gush Shilo, I just read a Facebook post from the Israel marathon organization that it was the hardest marathon in all of Israel…The biggest take away was that this was the hardest thing I have ever done. ..I signed up. Number 89. One of the last the sign up. Shilo, the ending point of the first recorded run of 42 km. A biblical story, look it up. So the first marathon was in Shilo…so I guess mine will be as well…Would I finish? I had to. Now here is the point. I made a decision to finish. When I made a decision, I removed the option of quitting from the equation. There was only one possible outcome, finishing. I cannot tell you the pain I was suffering through. These hills were completely insane. The last 2k were harder than the first 30k…I couldn’t really get the words out, I was losing it. Crying. As I heard the noise from the finish line, I mustered whatever energy I had to cross that finish line running…I broke down so many barriers I thought were in front of me. It was a tremendous lesson for me. What a person is truly capable of. That we almost never experience our potential because we are “comfortable”. In our jobs, our relationships, in ourselves. But we all can be so much more. To just take what you think is impossible and make a decision to see it through. Cut off all options of falling back and you will have no other outcome than success. I know, a bit corney. But this is what I got from this all…”

Do you see the inspiration that can come from running a marathon in the Biblical Hills of Samaria?

Col. Kemp

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