Muslim Terrorists Attack Jewish Motorists with Molotov Cocktails on Road to Hebron

by Leah Rosenberg

The road to Hebron was attacked by Muslim terrorists. Arab terrorists have attacked Jews on these roads incessantly with molotov cocktails, but brave Israelis refuse to give in and leave. They dig deeper roots and continue to build families.

Terrorists Attack Road to Hebron

Jewish motorists should be able to freely drive without fearing that Muslims will attack them with molotov cocktails – or with anything else! This specific incident took place on the road between Gush Etzion and Hebron. The local terrorists run right up to the road, throw molotov cocktails to kill Jewish motorists in their cars, and then run away. Thank G-d, nobody was injured in this incident. And it’s a miracle. But we don’t want to rely on miracles. We want Israel’s defense doctrine to put fear in the hearts of every Muslim Arab in our midst to not dare try to injure anyone – not on the road to Hebron and not anywhere else.

The fact that these Muslims and other terrorists freely go and throw molotov cocktails at Jewish motorists shows that they have no fear. They try to attack Jews daily, and they don’t care about consequences. If it is not molotov cocktails, it is a different form of terrorism. And it must end. Jews should not have to live like this in their ancient, Biblical homeland! Enough!

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