Israeli Professor Warns of What Artificial Intelligence is Really Doing to Mankind

by Phil Schneider

What are the greatest threats facing mankind today? Are technological advances outpacing the threats that the world faces? Very few people are on the level of even trying to answer these questions. But Prof. Yuval Noah Harari is up to the task. Not only does he have many answers. He is willing to take on his concerns for the future. He is concerned that what seems like science fiction today, may very well be part of reality in the coming decades.

Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of creating much more than just another species. Prof. Harari explains that brain-computer interfaces may turn people into people-computer hybrids. He expresses the concern that the world may turn into a place where there is even biological inequality if bodies, brains, and minds are actually engineered by programmers. This is scary stuff.

What is unique about him is that despite his concerns about technology, he is actually embraced by many in the hi-tech sector. Harari claims that this is due to the fact that so many of the leaders in the hi-tech sector are somewhat intimidated by all of the power that they have aggrandized. The main concern that he brings up is that due to the developments of artificial intelligence, the world may have better problem-solving skills. But due to a lack of consciousness in AI, we should be concerned that AI should not be making the moral decisions in this world.

Ultimately, the data is the basis for nearly all decisions that are made. Harari proposes that all data needs to be used to help us, and not to harm us. Furthermore, he believes that the data should not be centralized in one corporation. Lastly, he believes that we need to be careful to not become hacked humans, where companies know people’s true essence, more than the people themselves.

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