The “Jewish Jordan” Who Turned Down the #1 School Scholarship to Keep Shabbat

by Leah Rosenberg

Who is the Jewish Jordan? His name is Tamir Goodman. And he chose to be on the team of the Jewish people instead of Maryland Basketball.

The Jewish Jordan

Tamir Goodman was one of the best high school basketball players in the entire United States of America. And he is also an Orthodox Jew. He was so good at basketball that he was nicknamed the Jewish Jordan for one of the greatest players of all time, Michael Jordan.

But as you heard from Tamir’s story here, his dedication to his Judaism is what really grabbed the attention of so many. Yes, his basketball skills are unreal. There is a reason he got the nickname he did! But what is more unbelievable is how Goodman chose his Judaism over basketball when it came to the choice of playing on Shabbat. He turned down the most sought after scholarship at the University of Maryland because of his dedication to his religion. How many people have the confidence and the willpower to do what Tamir Goodman did? It was his dream come true to play for Maryland! But what was even more important to him was playing on G-d’s team. He gave up something so big for G-d. If only we all had such dedication to G-d to give up on even the smaller things!

Tamir Goodman may be a basketball all-star, but even more than that he is a Jewish all-star. What he decided to do changed his life forever. For the good. It gave him opportunities he would never have had. And as you heard from Tamir himself, he is extremely grateful for that.

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