NBA Hall of Famer has a Surprising Message for the World about Israel and the Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry came to Israel to teach Israeli children basketball and lessons for life. You have got to see this.

NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry in Israel

Rick Barry is a well known NBA Hall of Famer. He is well known for his talent. But he is also a person who has the right values and morals. He came to Israel to be a special guest at Tamir Goodman’s basketball camp. Tamir Goodman is known as the “Jewish Jordan.” He was one of the best players in high school in the entire USA, he won prestigious awards, and he played Division I college basketball. Goodman always put his religion first, never playing on Shabbat. He eventually moved to Israel, played for various Maccabi teams, served in the IDF, coached thousands of kids, and more.

Goodman runs a basketball camp and has different special guests come to teach the kids the art of basketball as well as life lessons. Rick Barry was glad to come. And he not only inspired others, but he himself was inspired.

Barry Knows the Truth about Israel

This is where it is relevant for the entire world. This is where Barry’s visit to a basketball camp affects more than just the camp and the kids. It’s the Hall of Famer’s message that makes a huge difference for Israel as a country. He shared the truth about Israel and the Jewish people. Listen to how highly he speaks of the Jewish state and Jews in general. For those who follow Rick Barry, he can change the way people view Israel, and that is a BIG deal.

If only more of these famous and talented people also had the intelligence of Rick Barry.

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