Students Rip up Bible as They Chase Conservatives off Campus

by Phil Schneider

Some Universities today, actually most Universities, are dangerous places to be conservative. The radical left woke movement has conquered more University campuses than perhaps any other institution across the United States. It is now fashionable to loudly express one’s opposition to freedom of speech. It is now fashionable to label your opponents as racists in order to silence them, and it is now fashionable to label anyone who brings a Bible to any gathering as a religious extremist.

There have always been fringe groups across college campuses. But today, the fringe is no longer the fringe. This cannot be dismissed as a passing fad or an isolated minority that has no teeth. The radical left now has support from the highest seats of power in the Executive Branch and through large swaths of Congress. The United States of America is going through a transformation – just like Barack Obama said he hoped.

Will the pendulum swing back to the other direction? If yes, it will be interesting to see how that happens. Will the next decade be one of calm that follows the craziness of the Black Lives Matter protest movement that followed the coronavirus pandemic? Hopefully. Or will the craziness that we are seeing today jump up yet another notch? Will the anti-Trump sentiment drive even more radical leftists into positions of power? I don’t think so. I think that the United States will calm down a bit at the end of the Biden-Harris four year failed experiment. I think a non-Trump Republican will win the nomination in 2024, probably Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis, and America will find a reasonable way forward and a return to normalcy. The Bible is a good thing – even if one is an atheist. We need more morals and more absolutes in our society. Students like these need to become the fringe again and not the dominant force on college campuses.

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