Gov. DeSantis Slams Biden Admin for Blaming Public Protests in Cuba on “Vaccine Shortage”

by Leah Rosenberg

No, this is not about a vaccine shortage or lack of groceries. It’s about the failures of Communism. Why can’t the Biden admin see that?

Biden Admin Needs to Wake Up

Communism is a failed system. It destroys countries. Why can’t the Biden admin see that? Why can’t they admit that the Cuban people are angry – and not just because they are short on medical supplies. They are angry because Communism has brought down their country. They are furious because they want a change in government.

They are protesting the evils of Socialism/Communism – the thing that too many young people in America today support bringing to America. It is absolutely insane. About 100 million people have died because of Communism. Some by starvation, some were tortured to death, some “disappeared.” All were subjected to the brutality of an ideology that kills. And yet, there are Americans who want Communism? And the United States has an administration that can’t seem to speak up against it and admit that the Cuban people want to rid themselves of it!

Look at the people in Cuba taking to the streets to protest their dictatorship. Don’t ignore them.

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