Will America Turn Into The Next South Africa?

by Gavriel Dan

Fighting broke out across South Africa as anti-government protests turned into complete anarchy and violence.

The violence began when South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma was sentenced to jail for his contempt of court. The former president’s allies flooded the streets, which led to violent riots and looting across the country. In response the South African government sent troops out to quell the violence as the police were unable to stop the rioters.

Yet, as soon as the government sent in the troops , Far-left anti-white leader of the “Economic Freedom Fighters” Julius Malema protested against the deployment of SANDF, posting on Twitter: “No soldiers on our streets! Other wise, we are joining. All fighters must be ready. They won’t kill us all. We need a political solution to a political problem, not soldiers.”

Coming to America

The violence in South Africa, while shocking, is only the beginning of the next stage of global chaos. As we saw in America during the explosive George Floyd riots, the death of one man was used as a spark for violent riots across America.

The riots that saw police overwhelmed were aimed at breaking down American civil society. Although they did not succeed at the time, the next stage will be far more like South Africa – and when that happens expect local citizens to stand up and defend their communities.

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