The Film that will Change the Way the World Views Black Lives Matter

by Phil Schneider

Black Lives Matter is a massive national organization that is now impacting even beyond the borders of the United States. Billions of dollars have been lost, and tens of people have been killed in order to advance the freedom rights of black people as espoused by the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, see an expose that pulls off the mask on the protesters, rioters, and the entire movement.

The last thing that the Black neighborhoods need is the Black Lives Matter movement. The destroyed stores and livelihoods will not come back to the largely black neighborhoods. It will take years or even decades till things improve. But there is a much worse side of the Black Lives Matter movement. The whole idea of abolishing the police is nothing more than a chaos-now movement. A society without police is a society that is completely filled with anarchy. A society without a prison system is a society that will not last very long. The whole entire idea of labeling the police as the source of the problem due to systemic racism is a super dangerous idea. And Ami Horowitz exposes more than anyone else that the clear goal of the Black Lives Matter movement is to bring down the capitalist system that the United States has been built upon.

The sad part of this expose is that it shows that Black Lives Matter does not truly care about all of the Black Lives. They only care about those that fit with their organizational goals, and those goals are truly Marxist, anti-semitic, and extremely dangerous to the future of the United States and the free world.

Arab Incitement
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