Israel Begins Administering Third Shot After Two Shots Don’t Work

by Avi Abelow

Instead of realizing that if two shots of an experimental shot are not performing as expected maybe it pays to stop and look into it more before continuing with the experiment, they prefer to push the policy of giving a third experimental shot.

Chelm does not even explain this insane reality.

People prefer to follow the above logic all while ignoring the massive coordinated censorship of medical and scientific information about early-treatments and medical risks regarding the shots.

There is no informed consent because people are not being informed. People are being scared in a coordinated government/medical community/media campaign, but not informed with all the information to make proper medical decisions. That should be a red flag for all.

People might feel uncomfortable that I’m referring to it as experimental. Well, did they warn you about possible blood clotting? No. Did they warn you about possible heart problems? No. Only recently the FDA added a warning label, so they didn’t even know the information. Why? Because it’s experimental and they are only know figuring things out. And this is only short-term. They know zero about long-term.

All while plenty of places around the world are doing just fine with a virus of close to 100% survival rate, especially for the young and healthy, without giving the shot to the whole population.

Scared of the virus? Find a doctor who has been saving lives with one of the treatments.

If only people had as much fear of Hashem as they fear the “official” information about a virus, without taking the time to look into all the information from the censored doctors and scientists.

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