Chaos Is Coming To Israel’s North

by Micha Gefen

Lebanon, the once model of coexistence in the Levant is now financially and politically collapsing at an alarming rate.

Lebanon appears to be going the same way as Gaza and Yemen. The current economic chaos has led to a resource shortage in Lebanon, which is fast turning into a political collapse. Like Gaza and Yemen, Iran is preparing to use Lebanon’s crisis to insert its proxy, Hezbollah, even more into the small country’s volatile system.

So what does this mean for Israel?

Israel has always known that the great northern war is not a matter of if, but rather when. The current chaos in Lebanon is a reminder that Iran continues to tighten its noose around Israel and despite the Abraham Accords, Iranian aggression is all over the place.

The challenge for Israel now as it becomes more and more isolated, is whether it can carefully bolster potential Lebanese allies against Hezbollah, while staying out of a potential civil war. It tried this once 4 decades ago, but eventually was dragged in only to retreat years, leaving its Christian Lebanese allies behind.

This time around, Israel must cultivate permanent leadership that is friendly to it in Lebanon. Only then there will be peace.

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