Ted Cruz Reveals the Terrifying Outcome of Critical Race Theory

by Phil Schneider

Anti-racism is generally speaking a wonderful idea. The problem is, as Ted Cruz points out, is now being used as the main reason to be racist against white people. The main idea of critical race theory is indeed Marxism, an idea to tear down Capitalism, and replace it with a completely different idea. It is based on an idea of making sure that equality of outcome is a key aspect of government activity. This doesn’t sound as serious as it really is. But indeed, it should be a major concern.

The government needs to be kept in check by the Legislative and Judicial branches. What we are seeing today is not just a creeping increase of size and influence of the Executive Branch. We are seeing an out sized increase of influence by nearly all public institutions that are government-funded – in order to control the bottom line redistribution of money in our society. Call it Socialism, neo-Marxim, or any other name. The bottom line is that the United States is making some major steps in the direction of totalitarianism, and totalitarianism has only brought death and destruction in order to bring the world to a state of equality of outcome.

It is better to have wealthy people and poor people in order to have freedom and liberty. It is better to have unfairness in order to have freedom. Capitalism is far from being a perfect system, but it is better than any other alternative. Indeed, nothing is more precious than the freedom that is now being taken for granted by so many in the West. Just ask anyone who grew up in a totalitarian society how wonderful their childhood was. Odds are they won’t give you a straight answer as they are still tormented by the effects of having lived under a totalitarian system.

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