Malaysian Activists Launch Massive Online Attack Against Israelis

by Leah Rosenberg

This is war; a digital war. We must fight back against what Malaysian activists have done. The world must know.

Social Media Hasn’t Shut Down Malaysian Activists

Malaysia has a huge Muslim population which makes up over 60% of the overall population. It is bad enough that these Malaysian activists have done so much damage to Israel online. It’s bad enough that we are fighting a digital war. But the fact that these Malaysians have violated ALL community standards on EVERY social media platform and have not received consequences is absurd. Why haven’t these criminal accounts been removed yet? Why are they allowed to freely target Israelis without punishment?

Facebook has shut down pro-Israel accounts. Twitter has silenced Conservative voices. Google has made it more difficult to search for the truth. And yet, when it comes to antisemitism, these platforms don’t seem to care to silence THOSE activists. They don’t seem to take a stand against a massive online attack against Jews and the Jewish state.

Because when it’s Jews being targeted, apparently it doesn’t go against their “community standards.”

Dr. Risch

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