How an Israeli Startup is Saving the Palm Trees in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

This Israeli startup is doing amazing things for the agriculture in Israel. The Jewish state cares about the environment!

Israeli Startup Saves Palm Trees from Indian Parasite

Wow, what a company! There is an Israeli startup for everything, it seems. Now you understand why Israel is called the Startup Nation. This startup is helping Israel agriculturally. It is trying to save Israel’s palm trees from an Indian parasite that is killing the trees.

It is not only Israel that has been affected by this parasite, but South European countries have now also been infected. PlantArc Bio is trying to save the day – or should we say, save the trees. The average person might not realize that Israel’s palm trees are in danger. But now you know! And now you can see how much Israel cares about its agriculture and helping eliminate that which destroys the environment.

The Truth about Israel

It is an example like this – a startup saving palm trees – that shows that truth about Israel. Israel is a country that tries to do good for people, for the world at large, and for the environment.

Do you see the Palestinian Authority doing the types of things that Israel does? Hamas? The Iranian regime? The world loves to condemn Israel, but do they really know what Israel is all about and what Israel stands for? Do they really know about all the contributions that Israel has made to the world? People either are really uneducated or really antisemitic. And either way, they are really wrong.

Arab Incitement
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