Biden Retreats From Afghanistan, Leaving It To China And Iran

by Micha Gefen

There is widespread agreement in America that the US has stayed far too long in Afghanistan. This understanding pushed Trump to start bringing troops out of the war torn country, where they have been for nearly 20 years.

However, Biden, who is a known partner with the Deep State and the Military Industrial Complex is suddenly speeding up the US armed force’s retreat from Afghanistan – why?

The answer is simple. President Joe Biden is leaving Afghanistan so China and Iran can move right in. For China, the country is a goldmine in natural resources and for Iran, it is a perfect place for expansion. The only problem for these two countries is the same problem every invader of Afghanistan has had – the Pashtun run Taliban. No one stays in Afghanistan for long because when they do they eventually get ground up by the Pashtun led Taliban forces in the mountains.

So while the Deep State wants to turn over Afghanistan to China and Iran, it may in fact be the very place where their expansion ends.

Yet, China has moved across the world in ways that no one considered possible or profitable. If any county had the ability to subdue Afghanistan it is in fact China.

If they do, then they will finalize their control over the world.

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