Arab Construction Workers Destroy Jewish-Owned Cars in Central Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

How disturbing is this? Arab construction workers purposely destroyed cars in Netanya, a Central Israel city.

Arab Workers Wreak Havoc in Central Israel

This is absolutely disgusting, and the world should know about it. These Arab construction workers threw down bricks and more to destroy Jewish-owned cars in the city of Netanya in Central Israel.

Instead of being thankful that they have a job, they destroy. Instead of treating others with respect, they destroy. Instead of creating an environment for coexistence and peace, they destroy. It’s that simple.

No, of course not all Arab construction workers do this. Of course not all Arabs are bad. But that doesn’t mean that the ones that ARE destructive shouldn’t be punished for what they do. There should be consequences for actions like throwing bricks and destroying cars. The damage to these cars is terrible, and the Jews who own these cars did nothing to deserve what these Arabs did.

The reason there isn’t peace is not because of anything the Jews have done. It is because many Arabs choose violence over law and order. It is because many Arabs choose hate instead of love. Their leadership encourages it. And so, the cycle of hatred and terrorism just continues. When will it end?

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