Famous Actor on Leftism: “The Only Thing They’re Good at is Being Destructive”

by Phil Schneider

The liberal branch of America has many things to be proud of. Many of the most wonderful accomplishments of the United States of America are due to many of the liberal causes that were championed by American activists. The right to vote for women and the civil rights act of the 1960’s are two examples of things that can be attributed to the hard work of liberals who wanted to advance the rights of all people.

Today, the causes that are being championed by the left are not liberal causes, but socialist causes that will not advance the rights of more people – they will enslave them. The socialist causes that so many in Hollywood espouse are diametrically opposed to so many of the ideals that so many Americans hold dear. Freedom of the press and freedom of religion, and so many other freedoms are under attack by the left today. There has never been a socialist country that has thrived and improved the lives of it’s citizenry for any sustained amount of time. The Democratic way of life that the United States has celebrated is indeed something to not take for granted. Hollywood is disconnected from the mindset of middle America. We must not let this ethical slide continue.

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