Russia and Syria Hold Joint Drills As Putin Squeezes Israel

by David Mark

Just when you can’t imagine the relationship between Russia and Israel could get any worse, the row between the two countries concerning the Jewish Agency appears to be triggering Putin’s decision to undertake joint drills between the Russia and Syrian armed forces.

Lapid’s amateur foreign policy has successfully created the most glaring deterioration between Israel and Russia in recent memories. So bad is the Russia-Israel relationship now, not even Bibi Netanyahu would find any success in repairing it. All of this rapid collapse in what was a carefully knit relationship built by the former prime minister, begs one to wonder whether, Putin is just using the conflict over the Jewish Agency as an excuse to push Israel into a corner. Perhaps this has been the goal of the Russians the entire time.

After all, Putin sees Israel connected to his drive to conquer Ukraine. Religion plays a huge role in Putin’s decision making and both Kiev and Jerusalem are cradles for the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Looking at Russia’s behavior as intentional sheds a new light on the current deterioration in the relationship between Israel and Russia. While Lapid can be faulted as enabling Putin’s decisions – the decisions appear to be part of his plan to eventually corner Israel into submission. If this is the case, then there may be nothing Israel can do stop the next stage of the Russian-Israeli conflict from unfolding.

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