Israel: A Small Country With A Big Response

by Phil Schneider

Israel may just be a sliver on the map in the Middle East, but you would never know based on their responses to crises throughout the world.

Israel: A Nation that Helps Others

Israel is a remarkable country in so many ways. The Jewish state is just over 74 years old, but it acts more experienced than its young age. People know about the startups and all the inventions and innovations. People know that the tiny country has made a huge difference in many areas.

But do people know how much Israel has helped those who are less fortunate? Do people know that Israel responds to natural disasters as well as the ongoing suffering of people throughout the world? Even in enemy countries like Syria and in those countries that Israel does not have official ties with, Israel is there to help.

It is a Jewish value to help those in need. In Judaism, we are taught not to watch people suffer and stand by idly. Jews are doers. Jews as a whole are a people who want to help and better the world. And so, when you have a Jewish state, that is what they are going to do: Help. Give. Provide for others. Although Israel has many of its own internal and external struggles, they still continue to help those around them.

That is one of the many things that the world can and should learn from Israel. Maybe if everyone in the world knew the truth about Israel, they would stop trying to boycott such a sympathetic and selfless country.

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