Emily Schrader Knocks Out Peace Now’s Explanation for Why People Hate Jews

by Phil Schneider

Did Jew-hatred begin after the State of Israel was formed? Did it become more pronounced after the Six Day War? The Peace Now narrative will tell you that it did. They will deny that anti-semitism’s history is as long as is the history of the Jewish people. Everything is narrowly seen through one prism alone – that of the false accusation that Israel took over so-called Palestinian land in 1967. This is one big fat lie.

The German people hated Jews because they needed somebody to blame for their horrible situation following World War I. The Jews became the scapegoat, despite the fact that tens of thousands of Jews fought valiantly in the German Army during World War I. The Soviet Union was filled with hatred of the Jewish people despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Jews fought bravely in the Russian Army in World War I and World War II.

The far-right of America is filled with massive amounts of hatred of the Jewish people, despite all that the Jewish people have done to help build up America. The African American community is filled with hatred of the Jewish people despite the fact that so much of the civil rights movement was filled with Jewish leaders who traveled around the United States to protest for the rights of African Americans.

The reason for hatred of the Jewish people actually has NOTHING to do with Israel. Anti-Semitism is more than 4,000 years old. The State of Israel is a little more than 70 years old. So why do anti-semites today seem to always focus on Israel? It’s in style. It can masquerade as genuine concern for human rights and not seem like the hatred that it really is. But all it is is pure hatred of Jews. It’s that simple.

Col. Kemp

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