Do You Know Who Anne Frank Was?

by Leah Rosenberg

The entire world should know who Anne Frank was. There is no excuse for such ignorance. How shameful is this?

Everyone Should Know Who Anne Frank Was

How is it possible that in today’s world, people don’t know who Anne Frank was? How is it possible that people have never heard of the Holocaust? The Holocaust did not happen that long ago. It is terrifying that some people don’t know it ever happened. What have they been learning for years in school?

Knowing history is crucial to the continuity of a functioning society. Where were these people brought up? Who educated them? Are they antisemitic or just ignorant? There are no words for how painful it is to hear that some people have no idea that six million Jews were systematically murdered. They were murdered purposely with a cruelty and brutality that no one can imagine. And millions of other people that the Nazis just didn’t want to exist were murdered as well.

Even some of the people in this video who had heard of her were not able to describe exactly who she was or know the details about her. And to hear people talk what is happening to immigrants in America and compare it to the Holocaust belittles the horrors that the Nazis carried out against the Jews. How dare they?

People need to be more educated. People need to know history.

Let’s hope that the next one of these videos that is made will make us proud and not make us cringe.

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