Protest Movement Exposed

by Avi Abelow

A former high ranking IDF officer, who today is a leader of the protest movement, recently was interviewed on National Radio. His answers say it all. It is very sad and very scary.

Recently on a radio program, Israeli radio host Sharon Gal interviewed retired Brigadier General Nehemiah Dagan who once held the position of Chief Education Officer in the IDF. I have translated a transcript of the original Hebrew dialogue, as posted on Facebook by the radio channel.

Brig. General Dagan: “Israel is in a state of disintegration, there is a prime minister who knows that the situation in teh country is so fragile because of the judicial reform”

Sharon Gal: “Put your finger on the problem. What bothers you about the judicial reform? What about the judicial reform will make the State of Israel “undemocratic”

Dagan: “The judicial reform itself does not bother me. Maybe we need it. It is the way it is being done that bothers me. Do you agree with me that the fights and hatred that exist in the nation today are tearing us apart?”

Gal: “You created the fights and the hatred. Give me a clause in the reform that bothers you. You talk about hate but yesterday you wrote a post full of hate. So who is spreading the hate??

Dagan: “I don’t understand the judicial reform, I don’t know what is good and what is not good. The way the judicial reform was introduced it what caused the turmoil that’s happening now. Now we have to ask whether we stop the refrom and bring all the sides together for talks.”

Gal: “Well? The reform has been stopped and the sides are talking together (at the President’s residence)”

Dagan: “True, but I hear how they talk, I hear how the Ministers talk, I hear how they talk on the radio”

Gal: “Did you read your own post?”

Dagan: “I think this whole government and this Knesset have all gone off the rails.”

Gal: “You don’t give me one single argument that would explain what bothers you about the reform. Then you respond with the claim that there must be a dialogue. I then remind you that there is a dialogue going on. Then you disregard my points and respond with generic comments? How does that explain the text you wrote saying ‘Let’s go back to Germany, there were people there like Israel’s right-wing politicians too’. Tell me, have you lost your mind? It’s like you are walking around with an oil can shouting “they are burning my field”!

Dagan: “I have nothing to say to you. You don’t want to hear what I have to say. The State of Israel can disappear and that bothers me a lot. If our situation continues as it is, Israel can be finished”

Bardugo (another radio broadcaster on the program): “You were the chief education officer of the IDF. Let’s put things on the table…what actually bothers you is the legitimacy received by the current (right-wing/religious) government. You are walking around with matches and spreading incitement. A man (like you) who calls for a civil war – even at your age – should sit in front of a tribunal. But you know what? You are allowed to get aways with everything you are doing and saying without any consequences”

Dagan: “I think you have a problem with reading comprehension”

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