Pro-Israel YouTube channel discovers YouTube has been hiding its videos

by Avi Abelow

Is it YouTube’s business if someone wants to watch pro-Israel videos? Apparently, it is. Here is proof that YouTube stops people from seeing the truth!

Hiding Pro-Israel Videos

Hiding pro-Israel videos and content is nothing short of antisemitic. Maybe some want to claim that it is anti-Israel and not antisemitic, but we just call that modern antisemitism. It might look different than it did before the modern state of Israel existed, but antisemitism is antisemitism. Stopping people from seeing content that supports the Jewish state – well, what else would that be called? It screams antisemitism!

If YouTube tried to stop people from seeing pro-Muslim videos, the world would be outraged. If YouTube tried to stop people from supporting the Palestinian Arabs, again, the world would be outraged. But when it comes to the Jewish people and the Jewish state, the world is silent.

Big Tech Controls How We Think

This is sadly not the first example of how Big Tech is trying to control the way we think. Google has been exposed before. Facebook has been grilled. Twitter has banned Conservatives. And yes, Instagram too. They try to sway the way people think politically. And the tragic truth is that they have been successful. They have been successful at not sharing the truth and at allowing political agendas to take away certain freedoms from all thinking individuals. But no matter what political party one identifies themselves with, every democracy-loving person should agree that everyone should have the right to think for themselves and search for information.

But apparently, Big Tech disagrees.

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