President Trump gave a speech that completely silenced the radical Left

by Phil Schneider

Will President Trump be able to actually turn around the polls and lead the Republican Party to victory? Steve Deace thinks that President Trump may still be on his way to victory and it may not be too late to reverse his political fortunes. If President Trump will pull it off it will be a major uphill battle.

With big swaths of the United States still closed down due to coronavirus epidemic, it is hard to imagine that things will radically change from now until November. The coronavirus is alive and well, and the federal government is not the only power that can actually impact on how the United States deals with it. The United States has laws that allow every individual State to decide for itself how to implement or not implement law and justice. With so many States allowing the Black Lives Matter movement to scare Governors and Mayors from being branded as racists, the United States is literally stuck in a half-shutdown mode.

The anti-Trump governors know well that if they open up everything in their States, than the medical risk will go up and the Trump reelection campaign would gain steam. But odds are that schools will open up in September, and the coronavirus will have a resurgence in many cities and States. The Trump campaign can yell and scream about how horrible the governors and mayors are. But the truth is that the coronavirus is a beast that will probably be with us until the winter or spring. If President Trump is able to pull off a victory, it will be one of the most amazing turnarounds in US Presidential history.

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