Israeli soldiers just proved what it means to defend Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Now you see how dedicated Israeli soldiers are. Many are young Israelis who have dropped everything to defend the people and the land of Israel.

Israeli Soldiers are just Humans

Are you not unbelievably inspired by these young Israelis? They are teenagers, literally. These Israeli soldiers defend the land they call home. Some of them chose to, and some of them had to. But they all have been given the mission to keep Israel and the Jewish people safe. And they are all proud to do it.

This is a promo for a movie that says it all. It is called “Beneath the Helmet.” When citizens of other countries hear the word “soldier,” they don’t picture an 18 year old who just finished high school, now training for war in order to protect his family and his people. There are very few countries in this situation. There are probably no Western countries in this situation. Israel is unique.

This movie tells the story of five Israeli combat soldiers and their transformation from high school students into combat soldiers. Yes, the situation in Israel is complex. A country that must constantly fight for its survival. A country full of courage and determination.

This is the story of Israel.

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