Anti-Israel Bias of US State Department Continues with New Report

by Avi Abelow

“Why did US report on palestinian terrorism get the numbers wrong?” that is the exact title of a recent article highlighting a recent US State Department report that ignores critical information about terror attacks against Jews.

The annual State Department report lists only 101 Palestinian Arab “acts of violence” against Israelis in the West Bank for 2019, whereas IDF and Shin Bet figures cite over 1,000 for the same year.

Ezri Tubi of Boomerang personally has been documenting all the terrorist acts with detailed information about dates, locations etc. He sent it his spreadsheet of data to the State Department, yet they totally ignored his data. It seems that the State Department only included data submitted by anti-Israel organizations with a clear anti-Israel agenda.

*DO YOU CARE ABOUT JEWISH LIVES?* If so, this is your opportunity to act!!!

Boomerang Fighting for Israel has created a campaign against the biased and very dangerous attitude of the State Department against Israel and Jews, presenting the Jews as the aggressive attackers and the Arabs as the innocent victims.

We are sure that this report does not reflect President Trump or his administration, one that finally recognizes the reality of our conflict.

Please take the following two actions:

  1. Write a comment on President Trump’s Twitter page*:
  2. Write a comment on the State Department’s Facebook page:

You can use our proposed text: “Dear President Trump, as a true ally of the Jewish State I am asking you to withdraw the latest human rights biased report against Israel by the State Department [link to this video page]

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