Pompeo just proved why the Iran deal was so dangerous

by Leah Rosenberg

Barack Obama made what he still thinks is a great deal. He set up an agreement with Iran that is based on an “understanding” with them that Iran will keep their word and not do anything very dangerous with what they have developed already. To say that this is shortsighted is an understatement. It is Neville Chamberlain all over again.

In 1938, Adolf Hitler was clearly a dictator who posed a major threat to Europe. But it was unclear as to how immediate and serious that threat was. Did Hitler want to take over more than the Sudetanland, an area that was contested for decades? Would Hitler be satisfied gobbling up Austria or would he also try to take over Poland or France? Neville Chamberlain thought that the key was that he as Prime Minister of England would come to an understanding with Hitler. England cared more about retaining their hold on the British Empire than the threats to Germany’s neighbors. Hitler understood this well. So, he put on a big show and Chamberlain walked out of his meeting elated that he had saved humanity from another major conflagration. How shortsighted he was. Wishful thinking has a major price. Had England and the rest of the free world drawn a line and declared war against Germany earlier, before German production became as effective as it did, millions of lives would have been saved.

This is exactly what President Trump understands and Obama does not. You can talk with dictatorships, but you can’t reason with them in order to solve problems. They only understand force and major economic sanctions. Once the economic sanctions were lifted from Iran, the threats grew enormously. Had Hillary Clinton won the election, Iran would be threatening the entire Middle East and Europe today with a nuclear conflagration. Now, the Iran regime is struggling to hold on against major economic based upheavals. Pompeo gets this and so do most of President Trump’s leadership. If the economic sanctions are lifted, it could cost the world millions of lives.

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