The Gaza Flotilla parody that is still relevant 10 years later

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s sad that 10 years later, the Gaza Flotilla incident is still relevant. The world still believes that Israel is an aggressor. When will things change?

Gaza Flotilla Parody is Still Relevant

Why is this parody still relevant? Well, has anything changed in the world? Do people still believe that Israel is an aggressor and kills innocent children in Gaza? Sadly, yes. The world still blames Israel. The media still condemns Israel for…nothing. They spread lies. Hamas will literally be sending hundreds of rockets into Israel, and the media claims Israel is hurting innocent people. Do you see the problem?

The Gaza Flotilla participants were made up of con artists. And the world still has these same con artists who try to trick everyone. There is the BDS Movement. There is Amnesty International. The list can go on and on.

The Truth?

It seems that no matter what Israel does, the con artists will still trick the world into believing that Israel is the aggressor. The truth doesn’t matter to people who don’t care. Those who are not seeking the truth will never find it because even if they come across it, they will ignore it.

The Gaza Flotilla was so obviously not an act of war or aggression on the Israel side. But the liars spread the lies. The world believed them.

Israel tries to protect itself and gets criticized by the world. Israel tries to make peace and gets called an attacker.

Hopefully in another 10 years, the Gaza Flotilla parody will no longer be relevant. But until then, keep sharing the truth.

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