The untold side of the George Floyd riots

by Leah Rosenberg

If there is anything you need to know about the George Floyd riots, it is in this video. The question is, why hasn’t it made the headlines?

George Floyd Riots

People are angry, and rightfully so. But anger must be channeled in the right way. An injustice took place. A cop committed a horrific crime by killing George Floyd. And he will be punished for that.

But looting stores and burning buildings throughout the country does not serve justice. In fact, it ruins it. And George Floyd’s family wants it to stop.

But the riots are not the only thing that should be making the news. The media is causing a war in America. They are portraying America as a racist country and acting as if Americans hate police officers and that police officers kill innocent blacks. But this video shows the other side.

The Other, More Important Side

Why won’t the media tell you about all the people who have unified throughout this disturbing time? Why won’t they tell you about the Black people who have defended white cops, and the Black woman who hugged a white cop? Or the people of all faiths and colors who prayed together? And what about those who have dedicated their time and money to help clean up and rebuild their cities?

The whole country is not against each other. Not all Black people are protesting in an aggressive way and looting stores. And not all White people are bigots. But why do most people think these things to begin with?

When the media only shares half the story, an entire narrative is created. But how can you get the full picture with only half the puzzle pieces? You can’t. So, here is the other half. Here is the half that has gone untold.

The mainstream media won’t report it. They are tearing America apart. Will you do your part in bringing America back together?

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