A shocking truth uncovered about Bethlehem

by Leah Rosenberg

The smallest artifacts can be so telling. There used to not be proof outside the Bible that Bethlehem existed in Biblical times – until a few years ago.

Archaeology is so Revealing

Archaeologists should be given awards for how much truth they have revealed over the decades. In a world where too many doubt the Bible, the Jews, and Israel, archaeology has shown those people how wrong they are. Archaeology has left these skeptics speechless. The discoveries made in recent times prove the Bible to be true and the connection between Israel and the Jewish people. It is almost as if those who question the truth just ignore all the evidence rather than deny it. Because can anyone really deny such tangible evidence?

Bethlehem is a city with great significance. Aside from King David’s birthplace, Bethlehem is also where Rachel, the foremother of the Jewish people, was buried. There is a lot of history there.

These discoveries are crucial. The truths that have been covered by the dirt of the Earth are being uncovered constantly.

It is truly a fascinating thing to live in the land of the Bible, the land of G-d. G-d, the Bible, the land of Israel, and the Jewish people are all intertwined in Israel. It is something that cannot happen anywhere else in the world.

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