Is the Bible true? Decide for yourself

by Phil Schneider

For every person who believes wholeheartedly in the truth of the Bible, there are skeptics who claim that we can’t truly know for sure. They will bring various paths of reasoning that all have one common denominator – doubt. The truth is that there is some validity to being a skeptic in general. After all, we live in a time when there are many charlatans out there. so, a healthy dose of skepticism is not always a bad attribute. But, all of this applied until modern discoveries of archaeology changed the entire situation,

City of David – the Heart & Soul of Modern Archaeological Discovery

The City of David is located around 2-3 minutes outside of the Old City of Jerusalem. This of course begs the question, “Why is it located outside the Old City of Jerusalem? Shouldn’t it be inside the Old City?” The answer is that the walls of the Old City today are not exactly the walls of the Old City from the time of King David. The walls of the Old City today are not thousands of years old. They were built by Suleiman, the emperor of Turkey, around 400 years ago. The holiest locations in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and the Western Wall, one of the outer walls of the Temple Mount, are both located inside the “new” Walls of the Old City. But they were also at the heart of the “old” Old City. If this is confusing you, that’s OK – it is a bit confusing. However, in order to really understand what was the reality in the ancient city of Jerusalem, we no longer need to break our heads in order to estimate what may have gone on in the ancient world. Today, we can walk on the same streets that King David walked, and easily understand the structures of the ancient City of David. It is no exaggeration to say that the Bible comes alive when you walk in the City of David, and in the water shafts that were a part of the water system that was used to enable life in the city of Jerusalem. This is all 3,000 years old!

The elephant in the room about all of this is that it proves beyond any doubt that the Jewish people are the indigenous people to the ancient Land of Israel. Their bond with Jerusalem goes back for millenia, and they lived and prospered there for centuries before Babylonian and then Roman occupiers kicked them out. Modern archaeology is the best way to prove conclusively that the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel is unbreakable.

Motivation for Terror
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