Israeli supreme court rules not to extend visa of anti-Israel activist

by Leah Rosenberg

The Israeli supreme court rightfully ruled that Omar Shakir’s visa will not be extended. Would you want someone like him in your country?

Israeli Supreme Court Ousts Shakir

Omar Shakir is an anti-Israel activist. He wants to see the downfall of the Jewish state. Shakir is one of the directors of an organization known as Human Rights Watch. They should focus more on all the abuses of human rights carried out by the Palestinian Authority. They should go to Gaza to show Hamas’ horrific human rights violations. But instead, Shakir and his organization choose to mainly condemn Israel and spread lies. They choose to vilify the Jewish state.

So yes, the Interior Ministry said enough is enough. We will not extend your visa. And the Israeli supreme court ruled in favor of that decision.

Is Israel Hiding Something?

The other side wants to claim that because Israel ruled for Omar Shakir to leave the country, they must be hiding something. It MUST be that Israel is violating human rights.


Israel has plenty of human rights organizations. Omar Shakir is not welcomed in Israel because of his goals and what he does. Would you let someone into your home whose goal it is to demonize you and spread lies? Would you want Omar Shakir in your country if he was attacking your people? No country would let him in! So why is Israel being singled out, once again?

To get a better understanding of what type of person Omar Shakir is, watch the video below.

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