“Palestinian” Authority tortured Arab man for stopping terrorist attacks

by Phil Schneider

Is this Arab man one in a thousand?  Is he one in a hundred?  Or does he perhaps represent a significant minority among the Arab population?  It’s probably wishful thinking to think that there are many Arabs like this man.

But, I doubt that he is the only one in each town.  He is probably typical of one or two of a hundred special souls within the Arab neighborhoods in Israel. The problem is that what happens to a person like this who tries to live like a respectful minority in Israel ends up paying the price in a big way.

Strengthening the Silent Minority

I have no doubt that the majority of the Arab population in Israel does not support the very existence of the State of Israel.  However, there are some older and wiser men and women who know what life is like for Arab men and women in Syria.  Often, these are their cousins.  Syria is hell on earth for most Arabs.  For Christian Arabs, it’s within the realm of Dante’s Inferno.

Safe and Sound in Israel

In Israel, every Arab – no matter where they live – receives top of the line medical service from top of the line doctors.  Don’t believe anything anyone else may tell you.  Walk into any hospital and see for yourself.

In Israel, every Arab has nothing to fear from Israeli authorities if they don’t violate the law.  They only have their Arab brethren to fear – especially if they are Christian Arabs.

None of this applies in nearly every other Arab country in the Middle East.  Most Arabs in Israel know this and that’s why they stay.  They can leave if they want to a half dozen other countries.  But they know there life expectancy will probably drop by around 10-15 years and their quality of life will drop too.


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