The gruesome outcome of ignoring Women’s rights in the Middle East

by Phil Schneider


The issue of women’s rights in the Middle East is the most important and largest human rights issue in the world.  One can be for Islam or against the Islamic religion.  But the basic human rights of women is not an issue that depends on ideology.  These are the basic aspects of human respect that apply to all mankind.

It is logical that the West will lead the way in the charge to defend the basic rights of women.  However, this is a universal issue that their ought to be an outcry about.  Masses of people – men and women, of all religions, should all unite in an international outcry for the sake of women.

Women’s Rights Movement in the West

The women’s liberation movement in the West changed the West for good in a matter of 1-1.5 generations.  Women were clearly not equal citizens on many matters.  Perhaps the most important aspect of this was the lack of education of so many women in the West.  Once the norm became for all women to receive an education, all of the other aspects of women’s liberation fell down like dominoes.

There may be some people who would like to turn the clock backwards – but that will never happen.  The world is a different place – and that is a good thing.

The same ought to happen in the Middle East – but it may take more like 2-3 generations.  Many of the women do go to schools.  But the schools do anything but teach respect for women.  So, the key is the reform of the school curriculum with Western values.

How should that be done?  That’s the $64,000 question.

Dr. Risch

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