The greatest proof of God is in Jewish history

by Leah Rosenberg

For those who feel they need proof of God, just take a look at Jewish history. You won’t have to look much further to realize God exists.

Ken Spiro and Proof of God

There are many different ways to help someone understand that God exists. Ken Spiro, an author and historian, perfectly explains Jewish history relating to God’s existence. You really do not have to look farther than Jewish history to believe that there is a God, even though there are other “proofs.” The history of the Jewish people is nothing less than miraculous. It cannot be explained in a rational way.

Oppression after oppression. Exile after exile. Persecution after persecution. And the Jews survived it all. Yet the great and large nations are no longer here. Jews have been dispersed amongst different countries and nations, yet they have held on to their identity and remained strong. The Holocaust should have destroyed the Jewish spirit if not only the physical nation, yet the strength of the Jewish people led them to even bigger and better things.

David Ben-Gurion

One of the founders and the first prime minister of Israel was David Ben-Gurion. Although he was not religious, he could not deny the existence of God and miracles in Jewish history. He believed that in Israel, it is not possible to be a realist without believing in miracles. God still performs open miracles for us today. Take a look at the wars that Israel has fought and won. It was often times “the few against the many,” just like in the story of Hanukkah. And miraculously, Israel has been victorious.

We have to keep recognizing God’s miracles and keep thanking Him. We have to keep praying that He will continue to perform the miracles that He has been performing since the beginning of time!

Roe vs. Wade

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