People from all across Israel came together to bring light to Southern Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

People living near the Gaza border and Southern Israel sometimes need to feel support and hope. You can always count on Koolulam for that!

Living in Southern Israel

Living in Southern Israel can sometimes be challenging. There are many risks. Living close to the Gaza border is frightening. But there are strong Jews who want to live there because Israel belongs to the Jewish people. And they want to settle all the land. They would never want to move away from their home.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t need the support, encouragement, and a sense of hope from people all over Israel and all across the world. And Koolulam is there to give them that.


Koolulam is an unbelievable organization that brings together people from all across Israel through song. They have really created masterpieces!

This time, they brought people near the Gaza border and Southern Israel to bring hope and light to the people living in the communities near the Gaza border.

The Song

The song that Koolulam chose to teach to the 3,500 people who came together is called “Me’alay Dmama” (“Stillness above me”) by Ahuva Ozeri and Shai Tsabari. When you listen to thousands of people singing this with so much heart and meaning, it will give you the chills. It is truly beautiful. The presentation, the voices – all of it.

The Jewish people are there for each other, even if it is just to bring more light into the darkness. Anything a Jew can do for another Jew to help take away even just a fraction of the pain, a Jew will do. All Jews are family.

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