Netanyahu’s historic trip to Brazil marks first visit of an Israeli prime minister

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu made a visit to Brazil. Netanyahu’s historic trip created ties with the South American country.

Netanyahu’s Historic Trip to Brazil

It may be surprising, but PM Netanyahu’s historic trip to Brazil marks the first time EVER that an Israel prime minister has made a visit there. And thank God, it was successful! Sadly, Israel is definitely not lacking enemies in this world. So the more friendly ties, the better!

After Netanyahu’s meetings, he made his way to the beach to meet with some locals and play some soccer!

Other Historic Visits

This visit was not Netanyahu’s first historic visit as prime minister of Israel. In October 2018, Netanyahu and his wife made a secret visit to the Muslim country of Oman. What an unbelievable moment! Even Muslim countries want to create strong ties with Israel. The visit to Oman was also a huge milestone as it was the first visit by an Israeli leader over the last two decades.

Maybe more of the world is starting to see all the good Israel has to offer…

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