1,000 strangers and 3 religions came together to create “One Love”

by Avi Abelow

Beautiful!!! What an unbelievable performance of a beautiful song, in a mesmerizing location in Jerusalem, with a powerful message of unity!


This is the beauty of Israel. The beauty of Jerusalem. This is the beauty of the Jewish people as the sovereign in our homeland. We unite. It is that simple.

We are a land filled with different religions, different races, even different streams of Judaism. Yet, we are a country that unifies.

Everyone in Israel has freedom of religion. Everyone has freedom of expression. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Druze, Bahai. Everyone!!!

One Love. One Heart. Let’s Get Together Feel Alright

This is the reality of Israel. Yet, the world media chooses to bash Israel and spread horrible lies about Israel instead.

Yet, humanity has so much to be inspired by Israel! Countries have so much to learn from us. With all the differences, all the arguments, all what separates us, we still manage to be one unified country looking out for all.


This initiative itself, of communnal singing, is exemplary of all the good that Israel represents. Strangers come together to sing. In one hour, they learn their different parts, and then come together to harmonize. Beautiful music created from absolute strangers coming together.

This is symbolic of the unity that exists in Israel. With it all, we are one. One love!

David Friedman Arugot Farm

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