The Israeli man on a mission to search and rescue people all over the world

by Leah Rosenberg

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” That quote is what Ross Perot claims got him going to take a risk and start his business which would go on to become a multi-billion dollar business empire. There is no doubt that most people look back at their lives and wonder if they could have done more meaningful things with their lives. Not Hilik.

This man literally wakes up in the morning and accomplishes the impossible – day-in and day-out. He is not scared of any challenge – anywhere in the world. His goal – is to bring peace of mind to relatives and to bring lost souls and bodies back home. It is a sad reality that only affects a few individuals at any time period – usually from the State of Israel. But, many young people are searching for adventures or an escape from reality. This especially applies to young soldiers who went through a tough period in the Israeli Army and have begun to taste freedom at the tender age of 21-23.

Hilik is a man who never says no to the most unbelievable challenges that he is faced with. The drive is clearly one that is focused on others and not on himself. Yes, his service ay be run as a business that profits. But nobody reasonable would set up such a dangerous business without a strong spiritual drive. It is this unselfishness that we all can learn from Hilik and apply to our lives. We don’t all need to be prepared to get on a plane and fly to Nepal to rescue lost souls. But we do indeed need to be prepared to put aside whatever selfish needs we have and focus on helping others – even if the difficulty is like climbing Mount Everest. We all need to be prepared to search and rescue others who need a hand in dealing with their everyday lives.

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