Charlie Kirk defends Israel against students who won’t condemn Hamas

by Leah Rosenberg

When someone defends Israel in today’s world, they will receive backlash. Especially on college campuses where students even refuse to condemn Hamas!

Charlie Kirk Defends Israel

Charlie Kirk defends Israel in a very calm and peaceful way. He just tries to give the facts. It is shocking that so many students are against the only democracy in the Middle East! And not only are they against Israel, but they actually refuse to condemn Hamas. If you cannot condemn Hamas, a terrorist organization, then by definition you agree with them. It is frightening that these students support the murder of innocent Israeli men, women, and children! How can you have a rational conversation with people like that?

They Don’t Know the Facts

The anti-Israel students do not even know the facts or care to know the facts. When Kirk said, “How many Jews live in Gaza,” the student responded “I don’t know, you tell me.” He did not even know that Israel gave up Gaza and that not one Jew lives there.

They have no clue what happens in Israel. They hear about Palestinian Arabs suffering in Gaza, but they have no idea that it is because of Hamas! Students like the ones in this video are so far removed from reality and the truth. But the thing is, they do not care! They will hate Israel no matter what. And when we live in a world where students are not interested in finding the truth and being knowledgable, the next generation is doomed.

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