The Charlie Kirk speech about Israel that everyone needs to hear

by Leah Rosenberg

In a world where many people have it so wrong about the Jewish state, Charlie Kirk has it so right. His speech about Israel nailed it. This is gold!

Charlie Kirk’s Speech about Israel

This is too perfect. Charlie Kirk’s speech about Israel addressed so many important points in under five minutes. That is not an easy thing to accomplish! He said things in such a matter-of-fact way, because well – it is. The truth about Israel is really about the facts. That is what he is trying to get people to realize. That is why he is advocating for the Jewish state – because of the facts. Israel is moral, Israel belongs to the Jewish people, Israel is not an apartheid state, and Israel does not want war. He went and saw everything with his own eyes.

Advocating for Israel

Not only did Charlie Kirk give a booming speech about Israel, but he promised to go back to America and advocate for the Jewish state. And THAT is key. It is definitely important for people to have positive views toward Israel. But it is that much more important to share those views with the world. College campuses across America and the world are filled with hatred against the one tiny Jewish state. Of course, all of their hatred is based on lies. But who will defend Israel on those campuses?

Kirk ends his speech with “we have your back.” Such a seemingly small comment, yet it holds so much weight. The more people that have Israel’s back, the stronger Israel’s public image will be. It is not easy to defend Israel in a world where so many are swimming against you. But it is the right thing. It is the moral thing. And at the end of the day, what is right and moral will prevail over the wrong and wicked. The question is: Which side will you be on?

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