The Muslim dentist who tortures Jews “with pleasure”

by Leah Rosenberg

Why won’t CNN or MSNBC cover this story? They are scared to be considered Islamophobic for sharing the frightening truth about this Muslim dentist.

Muslim Dentist & Jewish Patients

This is just an insane story. It is a scary reality that a Muslim dentist would purposely harm Jews. That is highly disturbing! Why don’t you hear about this in the mainstream media? People need to know the truth.

And this dentist is not even the only one to purposely want to torture Jewish patients. Medical resident Lara Kollab threatened to give Jews the “wrong meds.” How did these doctors get their medical degrees? Why are their degrees not being revoked? The world is afraid to offend Muslims, but if the situation was flipped and it was a Jewish or Christian doctor wanting to harm Muslim patients, of course they would be fired and have their medical degrees revoked!

Enough of the Double Standard

The double standard has to stop. Muslims need to be treated like the rest of the Western world if they want to live in the Western world. If Muslims are going to choose to discriminate against Jews and go as far as “torture” them, there should be consequences – the same way there would be for any other person. Why are these cruel doctors getting a free pass?

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