IDF Stops Female Terrorist Trying to Stab another IDF Soldier

by Avi Abelow

A female terrorist from Tulkarm, armed with a knife, attacked a security guard who was checking the bus she was traveling on. She was traveling on a bus between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim.

Below you can watch the video of the IDF stopping and apprehending her.

This is a regular security check, done exactly for this purpose to stop terrorists. Thankfully nobody was hurt. The IDF was following regular protocol in its bus search. Some sources are saying that this female terrorist was a suicide bomber, stopped just in time. They shot in the air to stop her before then arresting her and transferring her to the secret service for questioning.

Female Terrorist?

People in the world do not understand, why would there be a female terrorist? Why would she risk her life, lose her family, her children etc. to just kill a Jew?

Unfortunately, this is the story that the mainstream media hides from the world. There are many reasons a female, or male, would become a terrorist to kill an innocent Jew.

First of all, they are educated to hate and kill us, so the step to actually do so is not that big.

Second of all, committing a terror attack is like a monopoly “get out of jail” card. It allows somebody with troubles to escape those troubles and get “rewarded”. Many female terrorists committed their acts of terror because they were found out to “dishonor” their families with extramarital affairs or some other forbidden act in their culture. Committing the terror act then jumps them to martyr status. It clears their name. Now their family gets respect instead of becoming a laughingstock and despised.

Terrorists also get monetary rewards, thanks to the Palestinian Authority “pay-to-slay” program. By committing an act of terror to kill a Jew they and their families receive money. Why work for pennies if your family can be set for life by just committing a terror attack to kill a Jew.

Unfortunately, the reasons are many. I don’t know what is the bigger tragedy, that this is their culture or that the mainstream media willfully ignores reporting these truths to bring about the pressure for this to be repudiated and changed, for the benefit of the Arab Muslims as well.

Arab Incitement
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