Actor Jon Voight gave speech that sounds like rebuke to 2020 Democratic candidates

by Leah Rosenberg

Jon Voight is a staunch supporter of Israel. What he said here at an Israel rally is timeless. You’d think he’s speaking to the 2020 Democratic candidates.

Jon Voight and His Speech to Obama

Listen to actor Jon Voight speak at a pro-Israel rally in 2014. He mentions Barak Obama and John Kerry by name and criticizes them, but you can easily interchange their names with the 2020 Democratic candidates. Why? Because the Democratic candidates treat Israel the exact same way that Obama did! Voight made statements like, “They do not really have Israel’s back covered as they say they do.” Sadly, that statement is not unique to just Obama and Kerry. It applies to the Democrats we see running for president in the next election.

He also addressed the fact that Obama and Kerry blame Israel for killing innocent civilians in Gaza but refuse to condemn and blame Hamas for their incessant rocket fire. Bernie Sanders – listen up. Jon Voight is talking to you as well!

Israel is NOT the Aggressor!

Another point made in the speech is the fact that the Israelis are not the ones who are oppressing the Palestinian Arabs. It seems that many Democrats cannot see that reality. They say that BOTH sides need to refrain from violence. But the Palestinian Arabs are the ones carrying out terrorist attacks. Hamas is the one sending rockets into civilian populated areas. Israel just defends itself. And that has ALWAYS been the case.

Thank you, Mr. Voight, for being one of the few people to get it.

Arab Incitement
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