Hamas’ achievements in Gaza since Israel withdrew

by Leah Rosenberg

Take a look at Gaza since Israel withdrew completely in 2005. Every last Jew was forcibly removed. The Palestinian Arabs could have had their own state.

Gaza Since Israel Withdrew

There was “supposed to be” peace. The Palestinian Arabs were given the area known as the Gaza strip. But they voted Hamas into power. And now take a look at Gaza since Israel withdrew! Much of it is filled with poverty and terrorism; destruction and corruption. Israel left greenhouses and infrastructure for the Palestinian Arabs. They could have built more.

But they didn’t.

Hospitals and Schools?

Where are the hospitals and schools that should have been built in the Gaza strip? The international world has been showering Gaza with money to build up the economy. But that money is used for terrorism. There have been no schools and hospitals built. The economy is terrible. People do not have jobs. Children are starving.

And no, it is NOT Israel’s fault. Blaming Israel is not only foolish, but it allows for the Palestinian Arabs to continue the childish blame game. Those responsible for the suffering of the Palestinian Arabs – namely their leaders – need to take the blame and do something productive.

Peace or Rockets?

Israel did not receive peace in return for giving up Gaza. They received thousands upon thousands upon THOUSANDS of rocket attacks! Why can’t the world see that Israel has tried to make peace, and each time they try, they are bombarded with terrorism?

Enough is enough. Stop blaming Israel. Start addressing the REAL problem.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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