Jews proclaim “God is our Lord” on Temple Mount and get arrested

by Gavriel Dan

Once again Jews are arrested on the Temple Mount for simply praying to the Almighty. While Jews are arrested, Muslims who routinely throw trash and play soccer on the Holy spot are allowed to walk freely and pray at will.

When Israel captured the Temple Mount in 1967, they handed it back to the Jordanian Waqf. Despite the arrangement, which sees the Waqf dictate terms the State of Israel and the Jewish people, more and more Jews have been ascending the site of the two destroyed Jewish Temples.

With Jewish visitors increasing the Waqf has been adamant in ensuring their “no Jewish prayers allowed” order is kept in place. To enforce this, they have increasingly gotten violent to the point of starting riots.

In comparison, the Jewish visitors are arrested on the Temple Mount for simply praying.

Why the Conflict?

The Muslims understand that the Jewish connection to Temple Mount is the basis to Israel’s claim to the entire Land of Israel. “The deep connection and yearning of the Jewish people to the Temple Mount is need to feel that we are at home, both in an external and internal sense,” says Dovid Mark of Israel Rising and Soul Root. “After all, the Temple Mount is the gateway to the collective consciousness of the universe and the key to our full restoration. The Muslims understand that the Jewish nation belongs here and is nervous that we are beginning to awaken.”

The Israeli government is increasing becoming more and more involved with finding a solution to prayers on the the Temple amount. With some insisting that an official area be given to Jewish worshipers. Some also insist there is a provision in Trump’s plan of the century.

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